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Best FPV Goggles for Drone Pilots: Budget to Pro, Box vs Normal

Picking the right FPV Goggle is a big step if you’re thinking about getting into FPV drones!

FPV goggles have many different important features to choose from such as fans for hot conditions, recording, compatibility with glasses, weight, batteries, and many more!

We’ve selected the best FPV drones from multiple different categories and listed the key features to make it a little easier to pick.

Whether you’re getting your first pair of FPV Goggles or looking for an upgrade, here’s the best FPV goggles you can get from budget, beginner, and pro!

Box Goggles vs Normal Goggles

There are two main types of FPV goggles, box goggles and “fatshark” style, or normal FPV goggles. Here’s some pros and cons of each.

Box Goggles

Box goggles tend to be cheaper because their design is simple. They have one large screen instead of two small screens and tend to be boxy.


  • Provides a much more immersive experience due to the large screen.
  • Can sometimes fit glasses inside.
  • Cheaper.


  • Large screen also means you can’t focus on everything at once.
  • No options for adjusting focus.
  • Size makes them harder to pack.
  • Heavier, front-focused weight can be uncomfortable.

“fatshark” Style Goggles

“fatshark” or normal style goggles have two separate screens that each eye gets focused on, and are a lot smaller than box goggles.


  • Accepts diode inserts to correct eyesight.
  • Small screen makes everything easy to see at a glance. Great for racers!
  • Small size makes them easy to pack.
  • Option to pick your own receiver module.
  • Lighter, usually more comfortable.


  • Doesn’t provide such an immersive experience
  • More expensive
  • Can be burnt out easily if they face the sun

When it comes down to it, there’s no better goggle. Whether you should get a box goggle or not is down to your own preference. I personally prefer box goggles, I like having a more immersive experience.

Most people tend to like the “fatshark” style goggles better. Seeing everything on the screen can be nice for fast or tricky flights, and when flying for a while, comfort is important.

To help you pick between a box goggle or “fatshark” goggle, here’s a youtube video where you can see the differences yourself between the most popular box goggle the best value “fatshark” style goggles (all listed in this article!).

Best Budget Box Goggles: Eachine EV800D

The Eachine EV800D has been the best box fpv goggles for the price for the last five years with no competition. I’ve personally owned it for the last three years, and it’s been a solid and well performing goggle.

The EV800D comes in at just $90 dollars, and has solid specs that still make this the best budget or beginner goggle.

The screen is a nice bright 5″ with a good resolution of 800×400 pixels. It weighs 362 grams and has a three strap belt, making this box goggle very comfortable.

The screen can also be used as a standalone FPV monitor and can be mounted on a tripod. This is an epic feature that isn’t really found on any other FPV goggle.

What makes this box goggle such a good value for $90 dollars is the true diversity for great signal, good battery life, and DVR screen recording.

Here’s a more in-depth review of the Eachine EV800D. You can buy it from Amazon and Banggood.

Best Value FPV Goggles

Eachine EV200D

The Eachine EV200D are known for their premium features at a very reasonable cost of $300.

The screens have a HD resolution, and a wide 42° field of view that still provides a very immersive experience.

The most impressive feature of the Eachine EV200D is the dual diversity, or four antennas that make sure you always get the best signal. If you want a specific receiver module, it’s compatible with open source modules as well.

The other premium features that make the Eachine EV200D such a good buy is the HD DVR screen recording, HDMI in, goggle fans, and a highly adjustable IPD range.

I’ve used these goggles for about a year, and they have the best signal out of any goggle I’ve tried. That dual diversity is no joke! The HD screens are really nice when paired with a good FPV camera like the Caddx Ratel 2 or the Foxeer Razer.

You can buy the Eachine EV200D from Banggood or GetFPV.

Fatshark Attitude V6

The Fatshark Attitude V6’s are a very similar goggle to the Eachine EV200D with a slightly higher price of $350.

Coming in at 1280×1960 pixels, the Attitude V6 has some of the highest quality HD screens seen in FPV goggles. The goggles also have high quality DVR recording, and HDMI in.

The goggles also feature fans, and an actual power button (very highly requested by FPV pilots!)

Two main differences between the Attitude V6 and the Eachine EV200D goggles is the FOV and the modules. The FOV of the Attitude V6 goggles is 39°, and they only have one diversity module.

What makes people choose these Fatsharks over the Eachine EV200D’s is usually the support and warranty. Fatshark has unparalleled support in the FPV Goggle market, and usually justifies the extra $50.

We’ve had these goggles for a year, and they’ve performed amazingly. The only complaint we have is that it’s hard to change the channel without taking the goggle off.

You can buy the Fatshark Attitude V6’s from Amazon and Banggood.

Premium Box Goggles: Skyzone Cobra X V2

If you like box goggles better than “fatshark” style goggles and you’re looking for the best pair possible, the Skyzone Cobra X V2’s are for you.

These goggles have four features that stand out more than anything else.

First, the RapidMix Diversity Receiver uses the same mixing technology from the popular RapidFire module to always give you the best image possible.

Secondly, the Skyzone Cobra X goggles were built specifically to work with glasses.

Thirdly, the DVR screen recording can record in 60FPS HD, which is a big improvement to the common 30fps recording.

Lastly, these goggles have head tracking built in.

If you like the immersive experience of box goggles, these goggles are perfect for you with a 50° FOV.

You can buy these goggles from Amazon and Racedayquads for $250.

Premium FPV Goggles

If you’re looking for the best possible pair of “fatshark” style FPV goggles, here’s the three premium goggles that will give you the best experience possible, have the highest quality features, and next level performance.

Thankfully, when you pay for such expensive goggles all of them come with carrying cases, since all three goggles are priced at over $500.

Skyzone SKY04X V2

The Skyzone SKY04X V2’s have arguably the most useful feature of any FPV goggle, the ability to adjust focus for each individual eye.

Most FPV goggles have a tricky button system, but the Skyzone made it easy with their new shuttle wheel, that makes controlling the goggles feel natural.

The DVR records in HD at 60FPS, and can support a nice big 128gb SD card.

OLED screens are a great upgrade from the best budget FPV goggles, and have the same typical HD resolution as the Attitude V6’s, but have really nice contrast and have a giant 46 degree field of view.

With the Steadyview receiver mixing the signal from both antennas, the SKY04X goggles has top of the line picture quality with very minimal breakup.

The Skyzone SKY04X V2’s are perfect for serious FPV pilots who fly in a lot of RF challenging areas, and want the best quality goggle that deliver reliable signal as well as amazing picture quality.

You can buy the Skyzone SKY04X V2’s from Amazon and Banggood.

Fatshark HD02

Fatshark’s top-of-the line goggle has some stiff competition with the other two premium goggles on this list.

The screens are the same OLED 46° FOV, and these goggles have all the premium and necessary features.

However, the HDO2’s are outperformed by the SKY04X goggles in three areas.

First of all, there isn’t an adjustable focus, you need to insert diopters if you need to adjust your focus.

Second of all, the DVR can only record at 30fps, and won’t capture as much detail.

Finally, the HDO2’s don’t come with a receiver module.

So if the HDO2 goggles don’t have as many premium features as the SKY04X goggles and cost more, why buy them? They’re still a top-of-the-line FPV goggle, and Fatshark’s support as well as their two year warranty makes them an excellent buy.

You can get the Fatshark HD02 from Amazon and Banggood.

Orqa FPV.One PILOT Goggles

Orqa went out of their way to ensure that their goggles had the best specs out of any FPV goggle on the market in both features and looks.

First of all, Orqa took out the generic fpv goggle fan, and put in a small automatic fan to make sure your lenses stay clear and your eyes don’t get dry at the same time.

Secondly, another great feature that the Orqa FPV.One goggles have is their power options. The goggles can take 6s lipo power, and have protection for reverse polarity as well as over-voltage. You’ll never need to worry about frying these goggles!

Orqa future-proofed their goggles as well, with more computing power than any FPV goggle ever, and a micro HDMI port so that they’re ready for the switch to digital high definition FPV video.

A couple more premium features that Orqa put into their goggles is the ability to connect to an app to update the goggles and see DVR flight footage, as well as a head tracker and two module bays.

The 60fps DVR and screen quality is on par with the other premium FPV goggles, but with a slightly smaller viewing angle of 37°.

The only downside of these goggles is that they don’t come with a receiver module, and are already the most expensive FPV goggle at $570. You can rest assured that these are the best FPV goggles possible for the price!

You can buy the Orqa FPV.One Pilot FPV Goggles from Amazon and Racedayquads.

Final Thoughts

FPV flying is a lot of fun, and a good pair of FPV goggles only makes the experience better.

In our opinion, the best pick for a box goggle is the Eachine EV800D. It has all the necessary features, has great image quality, and is even comfortable all for a price of under $100.

The best pick for a “fatshark” style FPV goggle is the Fatshark Attitude V6’s. You can’t go wrong with Fatshark, and these goggles are no exception.

Comment below with any questions, and let us know what your favorite FPV goggle is!

Happy flying!