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Best Cases & Backpacks for DJI FPV Drone in 2022

DJI designed their DJI FPV drone to be easy to set up and even easier to fly, so almost anyone could experience the joy of flying FPV. There are quite a few moving parts on the drone, including a complex camera, so once you buy the DJI FPV drone combo, you will want to keep it protected.

This article will give you some of the best options to choose from – ranging from tough, durable cases to small backpacks. 

Hard Cases

If you want to protect your DJI FPV drone, choosing a hard case is definitely the best option. Hard cases survive transport well, they are often resistant to impact damage and are somewhat waterproof.

The main disadvantages are that they are uncomfortable to carry around, are heavy and take up a lot of space. We have selected three hard cases options for you, that were specifically designed to protect the DJI FPV drone. 

GPC DJI FPV Drone Case

Go Professional cases are some of the best in the business. Each case is specifically designed for each drone, providing protection and ease of use that is unparalleled in the industry.

The GPC DJI FPV case provides everything expected from a hard case. You can store the goggles, drone, controller, two batteries, charger hub, spare propellers and the motion controller. If you don’t have a motion controller you can use this space for additional accessories like tools or another battery.

The GPC case also has a specific place for the GPC SD card holder, which can be purchased separately for $7.95 on the GPC website. 

Key Features

The hard outer shell case will protect you entire DJI FPV setup for as long as you own it. It’s perfect for throwing in the back of the car and you won’t have to worry about anything getting crushed during transport.

The hard-shell is a SKB military spec case, which is used by military and industrial leaders. This speaks to the quality you can expect if you buy a GPC case.

When it comes to protecting your investment, it is not just about the outer shell however.

GPC cases use water-jet precision cut closed cell foam, the benefits of which are two fold. Firstly, the foam fits all of your accessories perfectly, so nothing will move around in transport. Secondly, the closed cell foam helps to protect against water and dust – meaning your DJI FPV gear will have the best chance at staying in mint condition as long as possible. 

Other Features

Some other great features the GPC case provides are:

  • Resistant to UV, solvents, corrosion and fungus
  • Trigger release latch system
  • Moulded-in hinge for added protection
  • Come with a lifetime replacement guarantee

There are two variants of the GPC’s DJI FPV case. The key difference between the two is one allows you to store the drone with props on. Having props on already will mean you can get in the air right away when you get to your flying location.

By not having to take props on and off every time you use the drone you will also extend the life of both the props and threads on the motors. There isn’t really a huge difference in price between the two cases, so we recommend going with the props on version.

The GPC case is for those of you that want the very best for your equipment.

You can buy the GPC-DJI-FPV-P case here

7 pounds
18.25 x 13.79 x 6.81 inches

Skyreat Professional Hard Carrying Case

Perhaps the second best option for hard cases is the case from Skyreat. The Skyreat Professional Hard Carrying Case comes in around $60-70 cheaper than the GPC case and even has some differences that make it a reasonable alternative. 

Key Features

Like the GPC case, you can fit your DJI FPV with props on, googles, radio, motion controller, charger adapter. The key difference is that this case fits up to 6 spare batteries! This is perhaps the best option for professionals using the DJI FPV in filming work as you can fly pretty much all day without having to worry about recharging. 

Some other points to note about the Skyreat case:

  • It is made from thick ABS material, making it collision and impact resistant. 
  • -The ABS material also provides protection against water and is IP67 water-proof.
  • -The inner foam is laser cut to ensure a tight and secure fit for all of the components. 

There are 4 buckle style locks, with one found on each edge of the case. Having extra buckles helps to ensure the case will never come open when it is not supposed to. The case itself is stackable, so if you own more than one DJI FPV drone you can safely store the cases together.

It also comes with two eyelets, allowing you to add up to two padlocks. This extra layer of security can help to protect your drone from getting stolen.

The fact that it can carry extra batteries makes it pretty hard to beat for people who need more flight time.

Buy the Skyreat case on Amazon here

14.32 pounds
23 x 16.5 x 9.75 inches

PGYTECH DJI FPV Safety Carrying Case

While not made to the same high standards as the GPC case, PGYTECH’s cheaper price makes it an attractive option. PGYTECH has a great name in the drone industry and is known for making high quality and well designed drone carrying accessories. 

This case stores the drone, goggles, goggle battery, three batteries, charging hub, motion controller, power adapter and one set of propellers. It does not store the drone with props on.
Being able to store three batteries is a real plus for this case. It’s pretty simple – more batteries means more flights and more footage!

The hard case design is IP67 waterproof and corrosion resistant. So if you happen to drop the case in less than 1m of water, or if it starts raining, all of your gear will be safe. The case is temperate resistant and can withstand temperatures from -25 to +60 degrees Celsius (-15 to +140 Fahrenheit). The foam on the inside of the case is ‘shake proof’ meaning things won’t slide around during transport. 

The PGYTECH case also uses an Automatic Pressure Balance Valve –  which aims to prevent air pressure differences caused by temperature and altitude changes. 

This case is one of the best budget hard case options for the DJI FPV drone. 

Buy the PGYTECH DJI FPV Safety Carrying Case on Amazon here


5.99 pounds
16.1 x 13 x 6.5 inches


Drone bags obviously do not provide the same level of protection as a hard case – mainly because they are nowhere near as resistant to impact or water damage.

Backpack style Bags are however much more comfortable to transport, especially if you have to do any type of walking to your flying spot. Bags take up less room than a large hard case and are also much lighter by comparison.

Here are some great options for drone bags to safely carry your DJI FPV to your next filming location. 

SMATREE Professional Backpack for DJI FPV Combo

SMATREE describes themselves as a young company, with a focus on aftermarket DJI support products. Their drone bag looks to be well designed to safely carry the DJI FPV drone – plus all the accessories you might need for a flight session. 

Key Features

Inside the main compartment of the bag you can store the DJI FPV drone (with props on), googles, radio and two spare batteries. In a smaller pocket on the outside you can store the motion controller, charging accessories and SD card holder. There does seem to be some additional space in this pocket for other small accessories too. There is also a mesh pocket inside the bag for things like spare propellers and tools. 

Two additional mesh pockets appear on the outside of the bag, which are large enough to fit things like a water bottle, tripod or umbrella.

By using different compartments SMATREE have managed to keep the overall footprint of the bag smaller, which makes it perfect for travelling. Unfortunately the small size also means it doesn’t carry as many spare batteries as you might like.

The bag does offer some good protection, utilising a hard EVA shell in between the material layers of the bag. This makes it somewhat resistant to drops. The bag is water resistant but not waterproof. It does come with a pull out dust cover to protect most of the bag from dust and dirt.

As previously mentioned, the main reason you would choose to buy a bag or backpack versus a hard case is portability. The SMATREE bag definitely hits that. There is a soft cushion design, the bag looks comfortable to wear as a backpack and the overall small footprint of the bag means it is light enough to carry around for hours. 

Buy the SMATREE DJI FPV combo bag on Amazon here


5.14 pounds
17 x 13.25 x 10.75 inches

PONYRC Portable Hard Case for DJI FPV Combo Drone

The PONYRC backpack offers a lot of features for a small price. It uses a hard-shell design to help protect the drone as much as possible. This backpack and hard case 2 in 1 design offer the best of both worlds!

The case is made from high density polycarbonate, with an EVA inner shell. This makes it more resistant to water and impact damage than a traditional ‘soft’ backpack.

Inside the bag there is a custom inner foam to house the DJI FPV combo, which includes spaces for the drone, googles, radio, motion controller, charging hub and two spare batteries. There is also a pocket for your cables, propellers and other small accessories. You cannot store the drone with props on, which means you will have to take your props off and on whenever you use the bag. 

The only soft part of the bag is the part that goes on your back. Speaking from experience, it won’t be the most comfortable bag in the world. If you plan on wearing a backpack for an extended period of time, this one isn’t for you. The straps look simple and they are only a couple of cushions to aid in the comfortability of the backpack. 

While the design may not lead to it being a good backpack for extended hiking, we believe it is a great option for everyday use – especially when you factor in the price. 

Buy the PONYRC DJI FPV Combo Drone bag on Amazon here


4.44 pounds
18.9 x 14 x 7.2 inches

Flyekist DJI FPV Storage Bag

Our last option is perhaps the cheapest you would want to spend on a storage solution for your DJI FPV drone combo.

The Flykist DJI FPV storage bag is a small handheld carry case that doesn’t really qualify as a hardshell case or backpack.

There is an inner foam section which can hold, drone (with props off), goggles, radio, spare top shell, 2 spare batteries and some small accessories like antennas. In a separate pocket you can store the props and charging pack + cables. 

The main disadvantage of a case like this is that it isn’t very resistant to water or impact damage. It is also a bit harder to transport and you can only carry it by using a handle on top of the bag. There is actually a buckle on each side of the bag, so you could use a strap to make it a little more portable. 

The price is the most attractive part of the Flyekist bag, coming in at under $60 USD. It’s a great option if you want the smallest possible storage solution for your DJI FPV drone combo. 

Buy the Flyekist bag at Amazon here


2.94 pounds.
16.3 x 14.1 x 6 inches


There you have it – our round up of some of the best hard cases and bags for the DJI FPV drone combo.

So which one should you buy? There’s two main categories of buyers.

  • If you want to protect the drone at all costs, get a hard-shell case.
  • If portability is what you need, get a backpack.

Finally, if you simply want somewhere to put all your accessories so that they don’t get lost, get the Flyekist carry case.  


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