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How to Download and Install Betaflight Configurator: Complete Guide

Before you take your first FPV flight, you need to learn how to use Betaflight. Betaflight is the most common software for FPV drones and chances are your first FPV drone will be running it.

Betaflight can seem complicated to new users, so to make it simple we’ve made guides to show you how to get started installing betaflight, connect your drone, troubleshoot any issues, and set up your first drone in Betaflight.

Thankfully, installing betaflight is really simple and takes less than ten minutes. Here’s how to do it!

Where to Download Betaflight

There are a couple of different places you can download Betaflight from, Github is generally the most reliable.

Go to Github to download the correct Betaflight Configurator version for your computer; there are options for PC, Mac, and Linux. You can just click the link below to download it as well!

Scroll down to find the last stable release, which will be tagged in green as Latest.

Just under this you will see Assets

Download Links

Here are the download links for version 10.7.2. It’s a good idea to update Betaflight about every year, so you don’t miss out on any new capabilities.

For PC users, select betaflight-configurator-installer_10.7.2_win32.exe
For Mac users, select betaflight-configurator_10.7.2_macOS.dmg

For Linux users, select

How to Install Betaflight on your Computer

Installing betaflight is very straightforward, but to make sure you’ve installed it the correct way we’ve included examples of what the installation process should look like

First of all, select the file you downloaded from Github. Right click and select Open.

Select if you want to install it for all users or just for the account you are currently on.

Select your language and click OK.

Accept the agreement and click Next

Next, you have to choose where you want to install Betaflight on your PC. It doesn’t hurt anything to leave this as default. After you select the install location, click Next.

Select where in your start menu Betaflight will install to and Click Next.

Hit the Finish button, and then Install to begin the installation of betaflight!

Betaflight will automatically open once the installation is complete.

Useful Links

Betaflight Website

Betaflight Discord

Betaflight Configurator\

Final Thoughts

Congrats! You’ve just installed Betaflight.

Now that you have Betaflight downloaded, the next step is to connect your drone so you can start setting it up.

If you’re having trouble connecting to betaflight, make sure to check out our troubleshooting guide.

Comment below with any questions, and happy flying!